Performance Through Passion.

Our team is professional and competent. Our many years of close collaboration with partners and fellow consultants at home and abroad enable us to individually tailor precisely crafted solutions to our clients’ specific requirements and to provide our advice quickly and efficiently, including on international issues.

Short decision pathways. flat hierarchies.

collaborations. professional network.



Foto: MMag. Anna Philipp

MMag. Anna Philipp

Tax advisor

Foto: Kerstin Brüstl

Kerstin Brüstl


Foto: Mario Haider

Mario Haider

Tax advisor

Foto: Doris Hofbauer

Doris Hofbauer

Tax advisor

Foto: Anita Kerber

Anita Kerber

Diplom. Accounting Manager

Foto: Anita Köstner

Anita Köstner


Foto: Patrik Lindenthal

Patrik Lindenthal

Tax assistant

Foto: Tatjana Wallner

Tatjana Wallner

Management assistant

Corporation partners

Foto: Monika Kunesch

Monika Kunesch

Tax advisor | International labour law and social security

Foto: Mario Perl

Mario Perl

International tax law

Foto: Markus Seper

Markus Seper

Payroll accounting

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