Payroll Accounting

Let us take care of the numbers for you.

Labour and social security law, handling the payroll process, the assessment of tax-exempt remuneration, and the list goes on… These are all complex issues, all associated with liability risks.

We are here for you and will gladly take care of these tasks for you.




Range of services for payroll accounting:

  • Ongoing payroll accounting
  • Registrations, de-registrations and changes to addresses
  • Collective agreement classifications
  • Calculation of overtime, bonuses, special payments
  • Calculation of holiday, public holiday and sick pay
  • AUVA (Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board) reimbursement applications
  • Travel expense claims
  • Accrual accounting (jubilee, severance and holiday accruals)
  • Digital linking of bookkeeping and payroll accounting – everything in one place (automatically import the payroll accounting into the bookkeeping system)
  • Automatic creation of receipts for payment (automatically upload to your payment system)
  • Cloud solutions (access all accounting documents whenever you need them)

Range of services for labour, social security and tax law matters:

  • Formulation of contracts of employment
  • Termination of employment relationships
  • Evaluation of contract for work vs. contract of employment (advantages/disadvantages)
  • Short-time work settlements, Corona bonuses settlement, application for separation pay reimbursement
  • Assistance in the Joint Audit of Wage-dependent Levies and Contributions (GPLB)
  • International secondment and hiring out of employees
  • International social security matters
  • International wage tax and payroll accounting
  • Optimising expatriates with regard to tax and social security law


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